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Sunrise by Childish Gambino

New shit, you didn’t know?
Black Rock like a fuckin’ LOST episode. 

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by the way — rhcp

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Untitled 15 - Realpeople // The Joys of Losing Weight

the early version of The Shrew; this is actually titled “BB shrew” in my itunes

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This song makes me feel like I am on my way to some wonderful new place. It sounds like happiness. It makes everything feel okay.

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While the first thirty seconds of this arrangement are remixes of Ballad of the Goddess and Zelda’s Lullaby, the rest of this song is a completely new creation dedicated to the Legend of Zelda series. This amazing song was composed by Pascal Michael Stiefel, and is titled ‘Call Of The Legendary Land’.

Submitted by: ryttu3k. Thank you for sharing! 

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Bacon Pancake, the demo - maybe my shortest song!


G, Em, Am, D7

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